Who are we ?


Who are we ?
Who are we ?

The Tunisian Council for International Relations is a Think-Tank set up in accordance with the provisions of Decree No. 88 of 2011 of September 24, 2011 relating to the organization of Associations.

The foundation of this Council is part of the strengthening of the democratic process in Tunisia. It aims at establishing a space that brings together all political and intellectual schools of thoughts willing to study and debate regional and international issues as well as the geostrategic and economic developments taking place around Tunisia. The Council is open for elites, whether political, academic, diplomatic, experts or representatives of the civil society, to share their points of view and have them fully and freely participate in the public debate on international relations and foreign policy orientations. Thus contributing through their recommendations to strengthening Tunisia’s positions as well as its positioning in the Arab, African and Mediterranean spheres.

The Council has among its members a selection of Tunisian personalities who have held high-level public positions in Tunisia, as well as a number of seasoned diplomats, experts and media professionals interested in international relations and strategic issues. The Council also includes businessmen and women and public figures seeking to advance the national economy, whether through the promotion of exports, the attraction of foreign investment or the development of partnerships with foreign institutions in public and private sectors.

The Council also welcomes the cooperation with foreign personalities and experts interested in the Maghreb, the Mediterranean and the Middle East, with a view to opening up avenues for common reflection and carrying out studies and research on ongoing developments in these regions.

The Tunisian Council for International Relations works to achieve the following objectives:

Observing and analyzing international and strategic issues with a view to offering a different reading grid and proposing innovative solutions to regional conflicts in the Mediterranean, the Maghreb and the Middle East.

Creating an independent and diversified center of expertise, open to cooperation and interaction with universities and similar study centers in Tunisia and abroad, as well as with economic bodies and civil society.

Building relations of cooperation and partnership with regional and international organizations, as well as providing space for foreign experts and officials visiting Tunisia to give lectures and conferences on international relations, geostrategic issues and prospects for cooperation between their countries and Tunisia.

Why ?
Who are we ?
While focusing on Tunisian and Regional Affairs TCIR Tries to adopt a pragmatic approach associating a deep knowledge of the dynamics shaping the main priorities of the country’s Foreign policy and the developments taking place in its Maghrebian Mediterranian African and Arab neibourghood as well as a better use of the human ressources abundantly available in Tunisia.
Who are we ?
TCIR offers a platform for dialogue and interaction between experts and regional and international actors on current and priority issues.Our ambition is to contribute to the global debate and the emergence of a new setting for regional and international relations able to unleash more inclusive and sustainable development opportunities as well as a secure and stable environment .
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Who are we ?